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The Next Year Now Podcast

Mar 14, 2018

In today’s interview, we’re going to look at relationships again. This time, we’re going to explore it through the eyes and advice of a psychotherapist – Ken Fierheller, who specializes in relationship counseling, anxiety, and self-esteem counseling.

In our conversation Ken and I will be discussing: - His unique approach to relationship and individual counseling - The most difficult barriers to a happy relationship - How having a space for just you and your spouse to connect each day can be the key to a thriving relationship - Book recommendations to rev up your relationship with your spouse ...And so much more!

Ken Fierheller is a registered psychotherapist and relationship coach who specializes in relationship counseling, anxiety and self esteem counseling. One of the things that makes Ken so great at his job is his breadth of training and expertise. He studied for 4 years at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto, which is a unique practice that specializes in mindfulness, empowerment and relationally based approaches to therapy. He also has extensive relationship training in various methods, such as Terry Reals training called Relational Life Therapy, Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. He has also trained with Encountered Centered Couples Therapist Hedy Schleifer, Esther Perel and Bob and Rita Resnick.

In addition to relationship therapy, Ken also has a background running a small non-profit in the Bow Valley, managing a residential treatment center for teenagers and was the lead facilitator for team building and leadership development at conference center just outside of Toronto.

Ken’s passion is for helping people discover their potential and he likes to push his clients to find their personal edge and challenge them to get really invested in their own self development.

He believes that relationship work is a practice and believes that relationships can be one of the greatest places to learn about ourselves and thus holds the key to a great opportunity for self-awareness and growth. 

You can connect with Ken online through his website – and his twitter account @KenFierheller

All the links and resources Ken and I discussed can be found at the page created just for this episode. You’ll find it all at