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The Next Year Now Podcast

Jan 17, 2018

"From my house to the White House." - Tyson Weinert

When my next guest, Tyson Weinert, talks about innovation - I listen. That's because he has a long and successful track record of teaching innovation. He's equipped individuals and organizations with the tools of innovation across a variety of domains.

He even had the honor of helping the first lady - Michelle Obama - using human centered design methods to help develop the Joining Forces Program led by Michelle Obama.

You may be thinking that innovation and creativity aren't important, but think again. The world is changing. While information Management defined the 20th century, Innovation Management is defining the 21st century. It's not enough to just be good at your job or for an organization to be good. Innovation is becoming as important to success as any other ability or skill.

Learn how to build your own innovation chops with Human Centered Design in my conversation with Tyson. Tyson is a human centered designer and program director for LUMA – where he and his colleagues help equip organizations and individuals with the capacity to innovate.

In today’s episode, Tyson and I discuss:

The surprising aspect people miss about innovation and what it means

Why and how Post-It notes can be so effective at unlocking your creativity

The most effective habits you can adopt to strengthen your creativity muscle and how that can help your innovation efforts at work and in life.

Great book recommendations for exponentially growing your organization’s capacity to innovate and create effective policies

And so much more!