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The Next Year Now Podcast

Feb 20, 2018

Today we have a chance to speak with Aaron Walker – author, entrepreneur, and life coach. In our interview, he talks about his 30+ years of experience building mastermind groups while sharing the benefits of building community. We also discuss how we can leverage community to help us live a life of significance and success. Finally, we chat about Walker's future projects and what he is working on right now.

In our conversation Aaron and I will be discussing:

- Masterminds – what are they and how they can transform your life

- What a good mastermind looks like

- Habits and practices to live a life of significance and success

- Book recommendations to help start your own mastermind and to help you achieve more in less time

- And so much more!

You can connect with Aaron online through his website, and his twitter account @VFTCoach.